300 Famous Monday Motivational Quotes & Messages For Our Daily Life

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Monday quotes to motivate your daily life:- Everyone around the world thinks that Monday is the tough day. There is nothing to be afraid of Monday as it is the beginning of the weekdays that determine how our weekdays going to be.

Therefore, positive thoughts have to be sustained on Monday. Monday is not a hard day but it is a pleasant, and beautiful day. To make this day even more beautiful and pleasant, we here present you with some motivational quotes below:

300 Famous Monday Motivational Quotes & Messages For Our Daily Life

I never lose. Either I earn or I learn.

I never lose. Either I earn or I learn. quotes
I never lose. Either I earn or I learn.

Monday was set at the beginning of the week to knock out all the nonsense accumulated over the weekend at once. Yuri Tatarkin

Monday – time to pay the bills presented by the exhausted organism. Yuri Tatarkin

Wake up on Monday morning to work, after a hectic weekend, this is the victory of pure reason over the miserable frailty of the body. Yuri Tatarkin

On Monday, I don’t want to go to work in two cases: if I didn’t have a good rest over the weekend, and if I had time to have a good rest over the weekend …

Monday differs from Sunday only in that it receives three times more spam on Monday.

Every morning you have to get up with determination. Then you can go to bed with satisfaction. George Lorimer

Monday Quotes Motivational

Go as far as you can see. And you will see even further. Zig Ziglar

Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you want to do it. Your attitude determines how well you do it. Lou Holtz

Anyone who says this is impossible should get out of the way of those who already do this. Tricia Cunningham

Confidently go towards your dreams. Live the life you dreamed about. Henry David Thoreau

When someone tells me no, that doesn’t mean that I can’t do it. This means that I can’t do this with them. Karen Kinones Miller

In a year, you will think that it would be better if you started today. Karen Lamb

Light tomorrow with help today. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Never give up a dream just because it takes a long time to fulfill it. Time will pass anyway. Earl Nightingale

There is no such day of the week as Monday. Denis Brennan-Nelson

Create a masterpiece from today. John Woodan

Do not count the days. Let the days count. Mohammed Ali

Spread the light, and the darkness will disperse by itself. Erasmus

Truth is not the property of one person, but the treasure of all mankind. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Words are like leaves. Where they abound, you rarely find them and fruit around. Alexander Pope

Monday Quotes Motivational

Love means loving what is hard to love. Otherwise, it cannot be called a virtue. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Nothing is worth more than today. Goethe

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will remain behind you. New Zealand proverb

I can summarize in two words everything I have learned about life: go ahead. Robert Frost

Life is something you do when you can’t go to sleep. Fran Lebowitz

If your happiness depends on something someone else does, then you really have a problem. Richard Bach

The impossible can be divided into possibilities at any time. Unknown author

If something doesn’t suit you, modify that. If you can’t modify it, change the way you think about it.  Mary Engelbreit

All that is good: either it is immoral, or it is illegal, or it is fat. Murphy’s law

Having a friend is more vital than having an angel. Nichita Stanescu

No one can live without friends, even if he controls all the goods of the world. Aristotle

We only know what we tune. And people don’t have time to know anything anymore. Buy ready-made things from merchants. And since there are no merchants of friends, people no longer have friends. Antoine de Saint Exupery

There will always be people who will hurt you, so you have to keep your confidence and just care more about who you trust and a second time. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Monday could be a really wonderful day if I could spend it in bed. Arthur Darvill, English actor, and singer

Monday does not happen miracles. Amy Neftzger, American writer

A beautiful summer day can be easily ruined by the fact that it is Monday.

Many of us take twice as much work on a Monday as they would on any other day of the week.

Monday Quotes Motivational

I have come to the conclusion that the day of Monday is 50% longer than any other day of the week. Turtle Dundee

Everything about Monday is meant to distract us from how depressing the other working days of the week are.

There should be a substantial reward to be given to all those who gather all their strength to work the Monday.

If we should consider that each day of the week is a gift that we are given, I would like to know who I should return to on Monday. John Wagner, American comic book creator

Do you know the shortest horror story? Tomorrow is Monday!

If Monday were a beer brand, it would become a favorite for many.

The best news we could get related to Monday: Monday was canceled. You can go back to bed.

Monday is a terrible way to spend the seventh part of your life.

The day of the month can be easily compared to a mathematical problem: add the state of irritation, decrease the rest time, multiply the problems, share happiness.

The day of Monday should be illegally passed.

Why is Monday so distant from Friday, and Friday is so near to Monday?

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