300 Famous Monday Motivational Quotes & Messages For Our Daily Life

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People who are inclined to experience positive emotions set higher goals for themselves, take longer difficult tasks. And also believe that they are better at doing their job and in many cases it is.

Invest enough time, energy and resources in your classes so that they are full of meaning.

Monday is given to a person for a calendar account, and not for empty self-deception. A. Vyazemka

And on Mondays, I like my head to buzz a little: it helps me remember what day of the week it is. R. Heinlein

Monday comes with enviable regularity. Ed McBain

Mondays should be optimistic, you should not create problems for yourself at the very beginning of the week!

What difference does it make, what day of the week, if there is a beloved family, loyal friends and interesting work?

Nothing can kill a man like Monday. Yoon Evo

How fast time flew by! Monday is knocking on the door! Let it knock. We will not open. Nemi

No one likes Monday morning. This is a hangover time. A new week has not yet begun, but the tail from the previous one remains. No one likes it, and it doesn’t matter if it is raining or the sun is shining. Ed McBain

Sundays are to blame for everything, had there not been Sundays, there would have been no Mondays! G. Marquez

Monday is a vile day. For single girls, who once again did not receive the expected life gifts over the past weekend, this day was like a bitter pill. Especially when you realize that you chose the wrong job: in the wrong place, with the wrong people, and not by calling. A. Larina

Monday Quotes Inpirational Messages

In order to increase the number of happy people on the planet, it is enough to reduce the working day of Monday to 4 hours.

Monday is a day when, instead of a badge, you want to hang a sign: Watch out, angry dog!

If on Monday morning you have a headache and do not want to work, take the pill with a pill from your bosses and take off your headache.

Monday is a hard day. On other working days, you have to read jokes only for the previous day, and only on Mondays – for the whole weekend.

The biggest attraction is the bed on Monday morning.

Every Monday I’m tormented by the question: were there any days off?

If on Monday morning, angry, sleepy people come to meet you, and you are relatively fresh and very happy with your life, then your night shift has finally ended!

Even on Monday, it can sometimes be nice to get up and go to work. If on this Monday they will give salaries, which have been delayed for three months already.

It looks like I’m doing nothing on Monday, but at the molecular level, my brain, believe me, is very busy, it is trying to understand what is happening!

Monday is a hard day … Especially for office workers. Immediately 3 pages of the calendar have to be torn off …

Saturday hatch the egg which becomes Monday over time. Only it still needs to be sat.

An ideal life is when you have the second half and you are in love with your work, congratulations, you have everything! Happy Monday!

Forget traffic jams, hard labor and office meetings and appointments today, be happy that the sun is shining, and stay positive.

If on Monday strong coffee, do not despair and add a few pieces of sugar to make it tasty and sweet!

Make Monday your triumph day, stay courageous, strong, and succeed!

May this Monday be kind to you: be happy with what you have and accept what you cannot change.

Be positive that this Monday is going to be the beginning of your happy journey throughout the week, so enjoy yourself.

Life gives you multiple doors to open, it depends on you what to open and which to close.

Always begin your Monday morning with a thinking that you are unstoppable, invincible and powerful today!

Happy Monday, remember that this is the first day without errors.

Make your Monday morning as a gift that you open with joy, laughter, and happiness.

Let this Monday be the beginning of the week, full of new opportunities and fulfilled promises.

The art of being happy includes the ability to see beauty everywhere and to be able to enjoy simple things. Start your Monday with this art.

Do not waste time, Monday is a new opportunity to change your life for the better. Have a good Monday!

Monday Inpirational Messages

Meet the new Monday and remember that happiness is a choice, you are as happy as you decided.

May your every Monday be filled with unbearable happiness, laughter, glory and joy!

Keep going towards your goal, even if it’s Monday.

Monday forecast: 50% laugh and 50% joy.

Meet this Monday with positive thoughts, and you will not encounter negative things during the week.

Feel good today and let them guide you. Monday is a wonderful day for expanding borders and implementing all plans.

Keep your heart open for goodness and mercy; remember that God is always with you.

Even if today you need a double serving of coffee, use all your energy and imagination to make it magnificent!

Start a new day and don’t forget to invest part of your heart in everything you do today.

Mondays are difficult only for people who don’t know how to have fun. Get up and have fun today!

Do what you love and what pleases, and Monday will be your favorite day.

Love what you do, forget that today you will meet with your boss, and Monday will be kind to you

Do not think that Monday is another working day, consider it a chance to show a good result.

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